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Where is Tommy?

Bruce Murphy of Milwaukee Magazine recalls the days when WEAC, the state teacher's union, ruled the state capitol, until their nemesis showed up:

Enter Tommy Thompson. The Republican governor targeted teachers' compensation and demonized their union. He succeeded in passing revenue caps that limited how much school districts could increase spending. He also got a measure passed that allowed school districts to evade an arbitrator's ruling if the district offered at least a 3.8 percent total increase (called a Qualified Economic Offer or QEO) in the total value of salaries and benefits.

Thompson's approach ended the days of big contract gains for teachers.

So, inquiring minds might be asking themselves, where is Tommy Thompson? Not that we need him. But it's highly unusual.

Tommy, the guy who never saw a Wisconsin reporter he didn't want to talk to, or a camera he woldn't get in front of, has been totally absent while Scott Walker's union-busting drama plays out on the national scene.

Has anyone even asked him what he thinks?  There hasn't even been a "Thompson declined to comment," to my knowledge.

Is he hiding in Illinois with the Democrats?

Does Scott Walker have him bound and gagged in a Capitol closet?

Or is this potato just a little too hot for Tommy the T?


February 21, 2011 - 8:28pm