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When the going gets tough - Kathy Bernier walks out

While at Monday's Breakfast with our Legislators meeting, Rep. Kathy Bernier was angered by board members who are frustrated with the current funding formula and budget for state schools. She walked out of the meeting after the suggestion was made that Minnesota is doing a better job of this than Wisconsin.

“We’re here to sit around and talk about challenges and suggestions, and I’ve yet to come away with a viable suggestion from those meetings (with Altoona, Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire),” Bernier said.

This is typical of the current legislature. They hold listening sessions where they listen but do not hear. They have public discussions to which the public is not invited. Bills are signed behind closed doors. And when constituents are upset, representatives walk out.

Wisconsin deserves better. Wisconsin deserves a legislature that is willing to hear the frustrations of their constituents and to work with them to do something to improve life. 

Maybe the legislators don't need better constituents. Maybe the constituents need better legislators.  We have an opportunity soon to do something about that.  Don't miss your chance.


February 23, 2016 - 3:18pm