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What one sentence will win the recalls? None

Daily Kos, the lefty megablog, asks the Kossacks to supply the sentence that will win the Wisconsin recalls.

Don't fall for it. There is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits-all slogan that will give Democrats the net gain of three seats they need to take control of the State Senate.

When it comes down to it, each of these races plays out differently, depending upon the candidates and makeup of the district. What works in Sheila Harsdorf's sprawling rural district in western Wisconsin most likely won't work in Bob Wirch's urban Kenosha district, or in the north woods that Jim Holperin represents or in Alberta Darling's mostly suburban district.

All politics is still local, as Tip once said. Democrats -- and Kos, which plans an Internet advertising campaign -- would be well advised to remember that.  There's a reason polls are being conducted in each district and not statewide.

If there can only be one sentence statewide, make it generic and at least do no harm. 


July 20, 2011 - 5:27pm