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What, no election 'fraud'?

WITI-TV reports:

The Voter Fraud Hotline in Milwaukee County was staffed with police and prosecutors on Tuesday. They were ready to pounce on any voting irregularities.

But even as the phones rang throughout the day, the questions and issues being posed were considered easy to assess and handle.

Election officials say the day went extremely smoothly. The hotline was relatively quiet which indicated a smooth election.

Good thing we had that highly-touted Election Integrity Task Force or whatever Atty. Gen. JB Van Hollen keeps bragging on, with all sorts of cops and DAs across the state mobilized.

About 850,000 people voted. Did anyone get caught trying to vote twice, or in someone else's name, or while on probation? Even one? If so, we have not heard a word about it.

There is no widespread "voter fraud," as the right wing likes to claim, and what is used as the excuse for the kind of voter caging and suppression tactics exposed this week. It's always in the name of preventing "voter fraud" that they try to take away people's votes.

Remember that when the next wave of hysteria hits in late October.


September 21, 2010 - 8:36pm