Right-wing Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling is know for on-air rants about situations where he is uncomfortable around other people.

It's part of the reason he hates crowded malls and breast-feeding moms and public transit - - those other humans are just too darn close - - and underlies his preference for lecturing a faceless audience about the human condition from the isolation of locked radio or TV studios.

Belling authors a weekly column for The Freeman, a Waukesha Daily, and in his latest written meanderings, tells us why he can't stand movie theaters.

This is the heart of Mark's problem, he tells us:

"I haven’t been to a movie in five years. Between people talking, kicking the back of my chair, babies crying and having to wade through 19 minutes of ads and trailers and atrocious sound systems, I’ve given up. I wait three months and watch the movie on pay-per-view."

Kinda sad.