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What the hell's wrong with Paul Ryan [UPDATED]: Now dissing parents of poor kids who get free school lunches

Forwarding an email from the Democratic Party's 2014 congressional campaign committee. Makes my tummy ache:

 Paul Ryan At CPAC: Free School Lunches Mean Poor Parents Don’t Care About Kids

We see Republicans say dumb stuff all the time -- but what Paul Ryan said this morning really ticked us off:

As you know, the national school lunch program provides meals to kids who might otherwise go hungry. But according to Paul Ryan, it’s proof that poor families don’t care enough about their children to feed them.

Ryan’s despicable comments about poor families are a perfect example of Republicans’ backwards philosophy. It’s that kind of disregard for the poor and middle class that gets us radical Paul Ryan budgets that sell out seniors, the middle class, and the poor for more millionaire tax breaks.

But if you don't believe the Democratic Party, read the independent dispatch from Raw Story at the URL below. UPDATE: And now it turns out that the specific little-kid-with-a-lunch-bag story Ryan told to make this point at the CPAC session wasn't even true. See new, additional link below.

So, Congressman Grinch, tell us this: When you were receiving Social Security benefits as a teenager after the death of your father (god rest his soul), did that mean your mother didn't care about you? I'm serious. There's a logic thread in there, somewhere -- if you're serious, that is.

The Ryan prescription for helping low-income America: Cut Food Stamps, cut the safety net, chop the Earned Income Credit, zero out Medicaid and keep wages low, rail on them until those parents magically find better-paying jobs in the modern, low-wage, job-deficient, "you're on your own" American economy, then bitch some more about how thoughtless you think they are. 

Dude! You're the poster boy for thoughtless! Or maybe you know better and you're just pandering again. Either way, it doesn't wear well. That kind of posturing may serve as red meat on the campaign trail, but as public policy it's just plain dumb, heartless and counterproductive. Grow some neurons, get off your testosterone medication and think it through again.


March 6, 2014 - 2:06pm