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What Ever Happened to the Wisconsin Idea?

#333333;">I hope that people who are observing what is taking place in Madison understand that this is more than a budget fix. This is a direct assault on the working class and poor of the United States. The media has often been complacent with the objectives of big business because they are big business. This complacency included the practice of constant attack on all unions both subtle and obvious.

Many of our citizens are working two jobs, shuffling their children around due to lack of transportation and education funding. Many of our citizens are just trying to keep above water. There only connection to what is happening in the world around them is mass media. The mass media's methodology has been successful in painting unions as bad or unnecessary. While many conservative have always been anti-union, mass media through their constant one sided coverage has convinced many progressives and many liberals into thinking that the time for unions has past. 

Now, citizens from the entire nation have awoken. For that I thank Mr. Walker. People now are dismissing previous conceptions of unions and many have changed their opinions regarding this need for unions. Without his over-reaching and arrogant tact, the fiscal aspects of this bill would have passed without a whimper from those impacted. Now he has gotten a roar that he can't explain. -saw-


February 25, 2011 - 9:51am