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A WELL-BALANCED THOUGHT (from an imbalanced administration)

Mark Gottlieb, Gov. Scott Walker's choice for secretary of the state Department of Transporation, had a message for DOT staff this week. In an otherwise reasonable and thoughtful email, he wrote (emphasis ours):

"I am honored to serve in this position and grateful that Governor Walker has given me this opportunity. A well-balanced and efficient transportation system is an important component of the Governor’s plan to create jobs and grow our economy. I’m excited about working together with you to achieve those goals."

Well, Mr. Gottlieb, besides saying this to your staff, you should also start working on convincing your boss, who clearly thinks a "well-balanced and efficient transportation system" needn't include commuter rail, light rail, high-speed rail or, for that matter, efficient but comprehensive bus service. Nope, "well-balanced" transportation in Wisconsin is, in Walkerspeak, simply highways and freeways -- just the prescription of the road building industry which gave large cash donations in support of Mr. Walker's campaign. The squeaky wheel gets Scotty's grease -- unless it's a squeaky rail wheel, that is.


January 4, 2011 - 5:10pm