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Welcome to Fitzwalkerstan

State Rep. Mark Pocan started it with a blog post saying he felt like he was living in Fitzwalkerstan:

Over the past month, Republican legislators have continuously violated our own legislative rules. They’ve even disobeyed state law and a court order.

     Don’t worry, they’re above the law.

     Don’t recognize your state? That’s because it’s not your state anymore. The Republicans have spent the past two months quietly trying to form their own junta aimed at dismembering Wisconsin. [The members, of course, would be Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers who are the GOP leaders in the Senate and Assembly -- Xoff.]

     Welcome to FitzWalkerstan, where Wisconsin is open for special interest give-a-ways and closed to the middle-class.

The New Order will be issuing new laws soon. Stay tuned.

He even suggested a new flag, but that's already been improved upon, as you'll see from the version here.

The name and concept have spread like wildfire, mostly through Twitter, where you'll find some gems, like this one tonight:

If you live in , don't forget to set your clock back 50 years this weekend.

It's all over Facebook, too, with suggestions like, When Fitzwalkerstan plays football, there are no rules.  Official state beverage: Koch. State slogan: You're Among Fiends. Pay to Play! Official state bird: the cuckoo.

The suggestions continue to fly. Expect Fitzwalkerstan merchandise any day now. If you start a new business to sell it, you'll get a big tax break or won't have to pay any taxes for two years or who knows what. Is this a great state or what?


March 11, 2011 - 10:29pm