Here's how screwed up our society is:

Scott Walker is seeking wage concessions from public employees that would total somewhere above $100 million a year, as part of a union-busting bill that would destroy their collective bargaining rights. Many of the state's tens of thousands of public workers have testified that these cuts would force them to take second jobs, or move out of the state, or go on food stamps and apply for other public assistance for low income people.

Meanwhile, ONE player on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team (Rickie Weeks) just signed a fairly ordinary (for Major League Baseball, that is) contract extension worth up to $50 million over four years. And HE is in a union that is solid as all hell, and which is not going anywhere, especially not down the Republican trash chute.

Just think: Two baseball players like Weeks can obtain as much money through bargaining with their employer as around 70,000 public employees are being forced to give up, ALONG WITH their right to bargain. And another thing: A surprising numbert of our state's public employees don't make enough in salary now to take their entire family to a Brewers baseball game and buy food and drink at the stadium. And these are the people who teach your kids, fight your fires, design the roads you drive on, combat pollution, patrol the streets, and haul your garbage, along with just about every other public service you demand and expect.

Wow, how very sensible and morally just.


February 16, 2011 - 8:07pm