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Walker's Lexus lanes: One more perk for the rich

A little slow on the uptake, I wasn't sure what Gretchen Schuldt meant by calling Scott Walker's proposed toll lanes Lexus lanes.  Here's how she describes his ideas:

freeway way lanes that allow rich folk to pay tolls to move faster than the rest of us

Ah, I get it.  They're for Lexus drivers, not us common folk. Makes perfect sense, says this California blogger about a similar plan there:

Many rich people already live in different neighborhoods and send their kids to different schools. Soon they’ll be able to drive in different freeway lanes too.

As the legendary, long gone Roundy Coughlin used to say, "What more could be fairer?"

Poor people are in no hurry, anyway.  It's not like they have to get to work, since they don't have jobs.  And besides, who wants to drive in the same lane as those beat-up old junkers?  It's just depressing.



October 27, 2010 - 8:53am