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Walker's latest fundraising appeal gives chutzpah a bad name.

It is standard operating procedure for politicians seeking an office to point out the current administration’s failures and make it campaign fodder.

But it takes some real brass to point out a successful policy and promise its repeal as a fundraising gimmick.

Scott Walker used the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to send out an appeal to his supporters by calling the act a failure and to send him money to help him “spread the message.”

 President Obama will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of Obamacare today, trumpeting that it is the best thing that ever happened to our country.

 That just isn’t so and you know it. From the disastrous rollout to the website debacle, Obamacare isn’t working and the panacea of benefits to everyday Americans has failed to materialize.

 Let me stop you right here Scott. I think the disastrous rollout WAS the website crash. Moreover, it was fixed and the predicted 8.5 million people were able to sign up and receive health insurance. No harm, no foul. Hardly a disaster or debacle. It was a glitch.

 “As bad as Obamacare has been in the first five years, the full force of the government takeover has yet to be felt. As disastrous as the run-up to Obamacare has been, brace yourself … things will get much worse. Costs will go up. Risks will go up. Wait times for doctor’s appointments will go up. And the number of President Obama’s excuses will go up. The only thing going down will be Americans’ health.”

 This is the long-since discredited parade of horribles Republicans predicted would happen prior to the bill’s passage and they have been moving the horizon back ever since. You would think they would create a new meme.

 Obamacare has lived up to its sponsor’s predictions, bending the cost curve of health care, cutting the uninsured rate by one-third and, I might add, 16.4 million people are now enjoying the benefits of health insurance who weren’t before.

 On this the fifth anniversary of the debacle, the Obama Machine will go into overdrive … more political stunts, more photo opportunities, and more liberal propaganda. President Obama will cling to the idea that his takeover of healthcare … the signature so-called “accomplishment” of his Administration … is a great success. But you know better, don’t you?”

 Uh, Scott, YOU should know better. The stats don’t lie. The stats would be even better if the red governors like yourself hadn’t blocked the Medicaid expansion in their states. And Scott, get over the government slash health care bogeyman. You are talking to someone who is getting Medicare and liking it.

 “When the full force of Obamacare hits like a ton of bricks, every clear-thinking American will know that it is hazardous to our health.”

 There you go again Scotty. That Obamacare disaster fairy lives on in the hearts of Republicans everywhere like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

“P.S. Americans know what to do even if President Obama doesn’t. It’s time to put free enterprise back at the center of our healthcare and our economy.”

 Isn’t that what we had before the ACA? Before those 16.4 million got health insurance? Let me ask you this Scotty, who do you think those people are going to vote for?


March 24, 2015 - 10:37am