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Walker's 'compromise' still busts unions

So let me get this straight:

Gov. Scott Walker has been saying for the last three weeks he will not negotiate on his union-busting bill.

But today, trying to make the Democrats look bad, he released some emails back and forth with Dem state senators in which his people offered some possible changes in the bil.

So was he lying when he said he wouldn't negotiate?  Or is he lying now when he says he has been negotiating?

Well, it all depends on what you mean by negotiating.  But when in doubt, it's pretty safe to assume he's lying all of the time.

Walker and the Repubs would have you believe that they've offered some great compromises, but the Dems have just been too hard line.

Here's a slightly different analysis, from a blog called The Political Carnival, written by one of those out-of-state agitators who has a very good source in Wisconsin:

Walker’s plan to break unions remains intact in all of these so-called compromise proposals.  

XoffFact rates that Totally True. Read it here.

Walker's selective leaking of email is not serious negotiation

Statement by Rick Badger, Executive Director AFSCME Council 40

Scott Walker is literally being sued by multiple Wisconsin media outlets for failing to release emails related to the budget repair bill, yet he’s willing to selectively leak emails he believes create the illusion he’s willing to make concessions.

Behind the smoke and mirrors, Scott Walker is still hell-bent on stripping all collective bargaining rights from thousands of Wisconsin workers – including child care providers, Quality Home Care Workers,  UW Faculty and Academic Staff.  The very few bargaining rights he uses to create the illusion he’s willing to compromise are still drastically limited, and the ability of unions to effectively bargain would still be eliminated entirely.

If Scott Walker really wants to negotiate, he should name a time and place sit down with Democratic Senators. This deal is not going to be struck through stunts involving leaked emails and press conferences, and it's time for Walker to come to the table and negotiate a solution that will get Wisconsin moving forward again.


March 8, 2011 - 5:32pm