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In Walker's bizarro world, it's all about union vote fraud and greed

Welcome to Scott Walker's World, a parallel universe brought to you by NewsMax, a website from another dimension. Some highlights:


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is vowing to Newsmax readers that organized labor will not steal back the dramatic come-from-behind victory of Supreme Court Justice David Prosser even if unions end up paying for a recount.


On Friday, Gov. Walker visited Newsmax and its CEO, Christopher Ruddy, at the company's West Palm Beach, Fla. headquarters. In his exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV — part of a national tour to drum up national support for his dramatic fight against public unions [Who knew?] who are seeking recall elections of Walker allies in the Wisconsin legislature — the Republican governor says there is no way any legitimate recount would result in a victory for Prosser's liberal opponent.


But that doesn't remove the threat. Under Wisconsin law organized labor can get a recount if they're willing to pay for it. Walker says unions hope to replicate in Wisconsin “what was pulled off with Senator [Al] Franken in Minnesota." He promises, though, that Republicans will be on guard against any post-election ballot shenanigans...


The key, he said, is to ensure all valid ballots are counted and that no additional ballots are added in. “And as long as somebody’s not trying to bring in new ballots, [Except Kathy Nickolaus] I think we’re not going to have what we saw in Minnesota,” Walker told Newsmax. Other highlights from Walker’s Newsmax interview: He said “it is clear” that Republicans followed the state’s open meetings law in passing his Budget Repair Act. Walker’s administration has asked the state supreme court, which Prosser sits on, to throw out a lawsuit that was filed to block implementation of the bill.


Union dues are at the heart of the conflict in Wisconsin, he says. “It’s about the union bosses wanting to get their hands on automatic union dues that come directly out of the paychecks,” Walker tells Newsmax. Adds Walker: “We’re giving people, the workers in our state, the right to choose whether they want to be in the public-employees union, and whether or not they want up to $1,000 a year to come out of their paycheck, or whether they want to better spend that on their families, their healthcare, and other things in their life. That’s what really is at the heart of it.


April 12, 2011 - 12:34pm