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Walker: 'We Discriminate Against Pedophilia & Incest, So Its OK to Discriminate Against Gay Marriage'

In 2005, Scott Walker was in a hotly-contested race with Mark Green for the Republican's governor nomination.  Before Walker eventually lost to Green, he gave him a run for his money in soliciting support from the far rightwing electorate that votes in Wisconsin's Republican primaries.

Nothing exemplifies this extremist hate mongering than Walker's attempt to attract bigots through a in support of the constitutional amendment the Wisconsin legislature was considering at the time that banned gay marriage in Wisconsin.  Walker was not only content to say that he favored the amendment, but he justified the discrimination against gay couples by saying Wisconsin already discriminates against all kinds of people when it comes to marriage... you know... people like polygamists, pedophiles and those interested in incest:

Current law in Wisconsin already defines marriage as between a husband and a wife. Because the courts in other states have broaden the definition of marriage, the constitutional amendment makes it clear that the only marriages recognized in Wisconsin are between one man and one woman.

State law in Wisconsin also prohibits marriage if either person has a living husband or wife or if the people attempting to get married are related or if either party is under a particular age. In other words, state law already regulates who can and who cannot get married in Wisconsin.

Now, in fairness, when Walker says "are related" he's not referring to first cousins getting married-- that's actually legal in Wisconsin.  No, Walker is just referring to fathers marrying daughters, brothers marrying sisters and those types of incestuous "relationships."  (Whew!)

However, it shoud be noted that Walker DID NOT include furniture and pets in his list as

Sadly, not only did Walker compare someone that simply wants to see their loved one in the hospital with perverts, but as Governor he has taken it one step further by trying to destroy Governor Doyle's domestic partner registry, which isn't "gay marriage" and simply seeks to offer the most minimal and basic civil rights to those in a domestic partnership.

Walker concluded his 2005 statement with this:

Wisconsin's values are my values, and I look forward to leading our great state in the right direction.

I think he should have added a "not" before values and capitalized the "R" in right.


February 2, 2012 - 1:57pm