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Walker walked right past illegal activity every day; He never saw it?

There are a lot of people playing amateur detective on Walkergate, but I'll leave the serious sleuthing to Dist. Atty. John Chisholm's office and the FBI, who seem to be doing pretty well so far.

That said, a couple of more observations:

Walker's repeated claims that he knew nothing are very hard, if not impossible, to believe.

The day (May 14, 2010) the Journal Sentinel ran a story about Darlene Wink doing political work on county time, Walker sent an email to aide Tim Russell that said we can't have any more stories like this, and no more laptops in the office. Does that sound like Walker knew staffers were using laptops to do political work? It certainly does.

The lengths to which his staff went to break the law, setting up a second, secet, wireless computer network to do their dirty work, make it clear they knew what they were doing was illegal.

Did Walker know? Did Tom Nardelli, the chief of staff? It would have been hard -- maybe impossible -- for them not to know something was going on.

This photo, a screen shot from a WITI-TV story, shows the office of the deputy chief of staff, at left with open door, where Kelly Rindfleisch worked. The center door is the chief of staff's office, where Nardelli worked, and the one on the right is the executive's office, where Walker worked (when he wasn't out campaigning around the state.) Walker had to practically walk past Rindfleisch's door every time he left or entered his office. He didn't know what she was doing, didn't wonder about the laptop? Really? And Nardelli was right next door. The complaint shows Rindfleisch had been using the secret email system with her laptop since January 2010.

Within five days of the "no laptops" email, on May 19, Rindfleisch was emailing Walker's campaign manager, Keith Gilkes, on the secret network. Didn't Walker tell his campaign about the policy?

Doesn't it seem likely that sometime between May, when Walker said "no laptops" and November, when the search warrant of the office was executed, Walker or Nardelli might have noticed that Rindfleisch was still using a laptop? The criminal complaint footnotes say that the secret internet system was not found, but that her laptop was "tethered" to her cell phone. The photo shows what that looks like. Pretty obvious, no? walker never saw his deputy chief of staff with a laptop "tethered" to her cell phone and wondered what she was doing? What happened to the no laptops policy?

All of this to say that this investigation is far from over. Despite his calm exterior and denials, Walker must be sweating bullets. .


January 28, 2012 - 9:12am