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Walker ups the ante once again on Iran policy

Scott Walker, in an interview Monday on NPR, upped the ante on his Iran policy and said he wouldn’t wait until his inauguration to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal and would instead start acting the day after his presumed election while he is still a private citizen.

In an incredible show of hubris, Walker told John Harmon, guest host of , as he has in prior interviews, that he would “terminate the deal on day one” and added “but I wouldn’t wait for the first day, I would be on the phone on the day after the election working with our allies around the world because this is not only a long-term threat, they are a short-term threat, certainly to Israel.”

If Walker hadn’t dropped out of college perhaps he would have learned about the Logan Act which prohibits private citizens from meddling in foreign affairs. A violation of the act is a felony.

Being a president-elect does not confer any special status.  A president-elect is just a private citizen up until the day of the inauguration. But again, he was absent that day in school.

Walker has gotten more bellicose in his Iran Policy, saying in one interview he would not hesitate to take military action on “day one” if he felt it was necessary. Now we are learning he intends to plot with the other signers of the agreement on Nov. 9. I would certainly like to be a fly on the wall when those foreign leaders take that call.

Walker’s most excellent stupid idea is probably a product of the crowded Republican field and trying to escape the cognitive dissonance with bellicose rhetoric. But by doing so, Walker is gradually looking more and more like just another passenger on the crazy train.



July 27, 2015 - 3:29pm