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Walker Tries to Muddy the Waters With Photo-Op With Recently Married Gay Relative

As Dan Bice , one of Governor Scott Walker's in-laws was able to get a marriage license to marry her same-sex partner on June 9, during the narrow window of time that they were made legal in Wisconsin by Federal Judge Barbara Crabb, before the Walker administration appealed the decision.

Yesterday, Walker posed for a picture with the couple and their son, which was by Tonnette's cousin, Shelli Marquardt.  

This is the lastest attempt by Walker to mislead people about his position on same sex marriage-- an issue that has gone from a political winnner to a big negative in a matter years. 

A few weeks ago, Walkerrefused to reaffirm his opposition to gay marriage, saying his view didn't matter as it was voted on by the people of Wisconsin in a 2006 referendum and is now an issue for the courts to decide.

Actions are louder than words, however.

If Walker-- the lead Defendent in the the same sex marriage case-- hadn't appealed the recent court decision, gay marriage would be legal in Wisconsin right now. 

This is the same Scott Walker who has vigorously fought to undo the domestic partnership registry that former governor Jim Doyle set up, which allowed minor benefits for same sex couples like (shudder) allowing them to see one another when one is the hospital.  

And this is the same Scott Walker who left his position as a church deacon at a Wauwatosa church because the minister there wasn't discriminating enough against gay people.  He found and joined a new church that vehemently demands discrimination against gays. 

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, this is the same Scott Walker who once compared gay marriage to incest and adults marrying children. 

The truth is that Scott Walker has been one of the biggest hate mongers on the planet when it comes to defending gay discrimination, and there is no sign that he is changing his tune where it actually matters (policy and legal action) as he keeps his eyes on the prize:  The 2016 Republican nomination, which won't stomach a gay tolerant candidate. 

But, a picture with a recently married same sex couple can go along way toward muddying the waters and making casual and swing voters believe that Scott Walker is something he isn't. 

An earlier version of this story said that the above photo was from the couple's wedding reception, which is inaccurate.  


July 6, 2014 - 10:20am