Walker Strategy in John Doe II: Get it to Wisconsin Supreme Kangaroo Court

[img_assist|nid=473636|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=242|height=300]Many liberals breathed a sigh of relief when the District Four Court of Appeals refused to put the brakes on the John Doe investigation, but they shouldn’t rest easy just yet.  The fact that Walker's team of lawyers even brought an appeal to the Court of Appeals tells us that they have a new strategy in this round of John Doe investigations:  They're looking for a "get out of jail free" card from Wisconsin's Uber-Partisan Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeals was just the first step on their road to get there.

Considering the makeup of the District Four Court of Appeals—they are all former prosecutors, including Brian Blanchard, who as Dane County District Attorney, famously spear-headed his own investigation into the wrong-doings of elected Democratic and Republican state legislators in the caucus scandal—Walker's  lawyers had to know that their recent appeal wasn't going anywhere.  If they knew they couldn’t win at the Fourth Circuit, why did they bother appealing? To get to the Supremes!

Clearly, this is a signal that they're trying to work their way up the courts, to get this matter in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which they hope will follow their partisan leanings and step in to stop the John Doe investigation in its tracks.

This is a departure from how Team Walker handled the first John Doe investigation, where it was all about cooperating.   In fact, Walker even claimed on multiple occasions that the first John Doe investigation was operating at his behest. 

Now, however, there obviously is something that is making the Walker camp very skittish.  So skittish, that they seem desperate to get this in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Kangaroo Court. 


November 24, 2013 - 2:23pm