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Walker stonewalls on mental health mess

Scott Walker is so afraid that the truth about Milwaukee County's mental health center will ruin his run for governor that his people are even hiding information from the county's own auditor.

Highlights from the Journal Sentinel story:

Lawyers for Milwaukee County have refused to turn over a 2008 consultant's report on safety issues at the Mental Health Complex - the first time in 30 years that county officials have stonewalled a county auditor investigation, the current auditor said Thursday...

The decision to withhold the consultant report was made by Timothy Schoewe, the county's acting corporation counsel, and Mark Cameli, a private lawyer hired by the county in 2007 during a criminal investigation of the August 2006 death of Cindy Anczak. She died from complications of starvation shortly after her discharge from the Mental Health Complex...

Cameli didn't respond to messages Thursday. He's been paid at least $239,000 #264974">under a contract with the county that pays him $395 an hour and authorized his help on the criminal probe in the Anczak death. Cameli's duties broadened to include advice on regulatory problems the Mental Health Complex has faced, though his contract wasn't amended to reflect that...

Supervisor Lynne De Bruin was critical of the county lawyers' refusal to turn over records to Heer.

"What this tells me is they have something to hide that is so egregious that they don't even want to show an auditor," De Bruin said.

DeBruin, you may recall, was censured by the county board earlier for tellilng the truth about what was going on at the mental health center, disclosing what had been said at a secret committee meeting.

Will secret meetings and stonewalling the county auditor help Scott Walker become governor?  Or will it be his undoing?

People should demand that Walker order the release of that report. 

If he won't, voters should be reminded that Walker and his high-priced lawyer are feverishly trying to hide what is probably the biggest management failure of his time as county executive, at the expense of the county's vulnerable mental patients.



September 24, 2010 - 11:27am