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Walker Spotted Going Into Federal Building this AM: Was He Being Grilled by Feds?

Someone over at is claiming he saw Governor Scott Walker enter the U.S. Courthouse this morning:

I had just arrived downtown and was exiting the parking garage at the street level of the 411 Building in Milwaukee when I observed what appeared to be our frazzled governor emerge from the parking garage stairwell.  I must be seeing things, because why would our embattled Governor be in Milwaukee today?  

 As I got closer – maybe 40 feet away - I realized that my suspicions were indeed accurate.  As Gov. Walker stepped off the curb and jaywalked across Jefferson Street his bald spot glared back at me as if to say “you can’t see me, you can’t hear me, and none of this ever happened.”  He slipped into a side entrance of the Federal Building and  U.S. Courthouse (in Milwaukee County) in an obvious hurry.  I am sure he was hoping no one would identify him.

Now, if this is true, there are many reasons Walker could have been going into that building that don't involve the John Doe investigation.  However, my speculation was that is exactly why he was there.

Why the U.S. Courthouse and not the Milwaukee County DA's office?  Keep in my that there are two main attorneys on this case: Bruce Landgraf and David Robles.  Robles is the Milwaukee areas "RICO guy" and handles such cases for both the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Milwaukee County DA's office-- he's actually officially part of both offices.

RICO -- Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act -- is a Federal law that is used to bring down large, complicated criminal enterprises. And, it is especially effective at getting at the criminal enterprises' king pin, which may not have committed illegal activity himself, but clearly was the one that was directing it.

So, if my suspicion is correct and they are going to get Walker on federal RICO charges, it would make perfect sense that he was going into the U.S. Attorney's office this morning.


April 3, 2012 - 4:50pm