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Walker Responds to MN Gov's Jobs Jab with Mad Hatter's Rant

Of all the make-believe rankings that right wingers try to pass-off as legitimate, the "Chief Executive Magazine's" state rankings are the most ridiculous.  Supposedly, this magazine contacts hundreds of "business leaders" and they rank the best states for business. 

Like every year, California is once again last in this meaningless rating, while in the real world!  And they have Virginia as the seventh best place in the country, yet, once again, the real world was much tougher and Virginia was 45th in the country in job growth over the last year. 

The CEO ranking is meaningless, but that didn't stop Scott Walker from using it to foolishly defend himself against Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton's scathing-but-true slam of Walker's dismal job growth record. 

In fact, in something that would put the Mad Hatter to shame, Walker then compared this meaningless ranking to Green Bay's numerous NFL championships and then said he was going "to continue to be the best out there"! 

Even the usual soft-pitch Greta Van Susteren was having trouble stomaching Walker's nonsense:




February 18, 2013 - 12:36pm