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Walker recall fires prematurely

this afternoon when the first recall petition was filed against Scott Walker.  Today was the first day that recall papers could be filed against Walker's election, There was some speculation earlier in the week that the Republicans might file papers against Walker immediately due to a quirk in Wisconsin campaign finance law. 

David Brandt of Muskego has started a recall operation against Scott Walker.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and United Wisconsin were planning on starting the "official" recall effort on Nov. 15.  The early filing by another person has no direct effect on the official recall campaign (or the 60-day window that the recall effort has) but the filing means that starting today Scott Walker's campaign to fight the recall can raise unlimited funds, while the effort to recall him must follow normal campaign fundraising procedures.

Not much is known about David Brandt.  Someone from the same address named Bettie Brandt donated money to the Walker campaign in 2010, and we assume she is related to David Brandt. 

There will be more information on  this later, but at least officially the campaign to recall Walker has in some sense now started.


November 4, 2011 - 4:41pm