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Walker Recall Excuse Doesn't Add Up: 2003 California Recall Didn't Depress Job Growth

In July of 2003, California was frustrated by rolling blackouts and blamed Governor Gray Davis. They collected signatures and forced a recall election. Sound familiar?

Using Governor Walker's recent logic, one would expect that all this "uncertainty" would have caused Google, Apple and other California companies to hold their breath and get in the fetal position, until they knew for sure who the governor of California was going to be for the forseeable future.   


Didn't happen.  

California followed the national economic trend of solid job growth-- even with the problems of not knowing (GASP! UNCERTAINTY!) whether businesses would literally be able to keep the lights on. 

In fact, while Wisconsin continued to lose jobs before and after the recall, California gained over 100,000 jobs during their respective time period. 

The truth is that the main reason Wisconsin has been one of the worst states for job growth is that Walker committed a :  he cut spending to the bone at a time when we were trying to crawl out of the Great Recession. That took millions out of local economies that were already in a fragile state and caused Wisconsin to go into a double-dip recession --The Walker Recession. 

Meanwhile, Walker's undertaken frivolous tasks that have no overall economic impact on Wisconsin-- paying companies on the into Wisconsin or paying companies that .  (Which should be of no surprise, considering that his highly-touted jobs team is nothing more than a weasel den of Walker cronies.)

Yet... he continues to blame the recall.

At least come up with a good excuse, governor!




September 30, 2013 - 11:38am