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Walker is Re-Igniting the Act 10 Fight Because It's His Strongest Re-Election Argument

Pop quiz:  What is Scott Walker's best re-election argument?

A.) He created only a small fraction of the jobs he promised, and has led Wisconsin to one of the worst job growth rates in the country.

B.) He has made the biggest cut to education in Wisconsin history, while at the same time making the largest subsidy in the nation for rich people to send their kids to private schools.

C.) He threw a big "we're broke" fit and went on and on about the importance of balancing the budget, not kicking the can down the road... only to sign a budget bill two years later that is unbalanced and kicks the can down the road.

D.) He begun implementing a radical rightwing social agenda that bans birth control pills, tells women they can't get an abortion even in cases of rape or incest, and prevents gay couples not only from getting married, but even from visiting each other in the hospital.

E.) He cut income taxes and held the line on property taxes by standing up to the grossly overpaid, lazy government employees.

Hmmm.... I'm thinking he's going to go with "E."  That's why he is picking a fight with the Solidarity Singers and why he is talking about expanding Act 10 to include police and firefighters.

And while we progressives should focus on A through D and not let Walker frame everything around "E," we also can't make the same mistake we made in the recall election of ignoring the big Act 10 elephant in the room. 

The message must mention the Act 10 struggle briefly and tie it into the central issue-jobs. Something along these lines:

You can agree or disagree with Walker's decision to demonize and slash the pay of hard-working teachers and other public servants, but you can't argue with the fact that the cuts took millions out of local economies and severely hampered Wisconsin's recovery from the national recession.  And while he was spending his time picking petty fights, destroying our public schools, and declaring war on Wisconsin women, as he implemented his radical rightwing social agenda, you can't argue with the fact that he was not focused on jobs.  You simply can't argue with the fact that, under Walker's leadership, Wisconsin has gone from 11th in job growth to 33rd. 

Maybe a little less, maybe a little more, but the reality is that when Walker picks on teachers and other public servants, it fires up his base and makes a large segment of the Democratic base ambivalent about Walker because they buy into his "teachers are making 100K a year and working five hours a day" nonsense.  We can't ignore the issue.  We need to turn it around so that our base is fired up and his base becomes ambivalent. 

Remember:  Walker's approval ratings were at the lowest in early 2011 when the public perception was that Walker was unfairly picking on teachers and other public servants.  That perception was of course the reality, but with millions of dollars spent on his behalf, and mostly silence on our part, he was able to effectively turn a negative into a positive.  

We can't let him away with it any longer.


July 30, 2013 - 2:18pm