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Walker Mocked by WI's Top Reporter, Responds by Comparing Gay Marriage Losing to Packers Winning

A couple of days ago, Governor Scott Walker had the misfortune of running into one of the few Wisconsin reporters that actually asks follow-up questions:  The Journal Sentinal's Dan Bice.

When Walker followed-up his "my opinion doesn't matter" obfuscation about gay marriage with dancing around the ring about Cynthia Archer getting a huge raise by the State of Wisconsin, Bice interjected, "So, there are a lot of things going on that you're opinion doesn't matter."

As the other reporters chuckled, a clearly angered Walker then shrugged and responded, "My opinion is irrelevant to the Packers winning the Super Bowl or not, but I have a position that I hope they do." Then Walker went on a rant about how Bice shouldn't even be asking such questions: "you all in the media, there's a lot of things you all talk about that are irrelevant to my campaign or to where the voters are at-- you have every right in a free society to cover whatever you want, I just think most voters want to hear from candidates things that are relevant to their position."

In other words, Walker is saying that Cynthia Archer getting a sweet job in Wisconsin state government and discrimination against gays being allowed to continue is comparable, in his mind, to the Packers winning the Super Bowl-- all things that he "hope" will happen, but he has no control over making them happen. (And it really doesn't matter anyway, because voters don't care about cronyism or discrimination that )

This is Walker obfuscating about his obfuscation.  Walker is head of Wisconsin state government and Cynthia Archer got a state goverment job-- of course he had a direct or indirect effect on her hiring.  And, as we all know, gay marriage would be legal in Wisconsin right now if Walker hadn't appealed Judge Crabb's decision.  

To suggest that he is "irrelevant" on these issues is as silly as saying the sun is irrelevant to sun burns. 


July 17, 2014 - 9:54am