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Walker minions with a self-awareness deficiency

[h/t to Certainnot, blogging over at DailyKos.com, for these finds]

Via the John Doe emails released in the Kelly Rindfleisch case, this corker from the very woman found guilty of writing lots of campaign emails on county time:

From: Darlene Wink/Co Exec/Milwaukee County
To: Thomas G Nardelli/Co Exec/Milwaukee County@MILWCO, Kelly Rindfleisch
Date:    05/06/2010 07:39 AM
Subject: Fw: Public Listening Session & Demonstration-Scott Walker's 2011 Budget

The crazies will probably be there on county time!

And then there's this commentary, from Rindfleisch herself, that begets similar self-cluelessness. It's to Keith Gilkes, Walker's campaign manager at the time. The reference to "Tom" apparently refers to Walker's county chief of staff, Tom Nardelli. "Bice" is Daniel Bice, a political columnist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Weishan" is John, a Milwaukee County supervisor the Wallkerites didn't like. "Weber or Charlie" refers to two right-wing Milwaukee radio hosts. Rindfleisch clearly doesn't get her own not getting it:

From: kmrindfleisch@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:03 PM
To: Keith
Subject: Re: JS

Jesus tom is dense sometimes. Stop me if you knew this - bice called last friday about us charging weishan 2800 bucks for his open records request. He's gonna spin it as we're charging this outragous aamount and the public has a right to know. For his $2800 he got four pages. My thought was to get weber or charlie the request the hours it took IMSD to complete the request and the response. Spin it as this jackass spent $2800 of taxpayer money and wasted hours and hours of county employees time on a political fishing expedition. This would preempt any story bice would do. Tom doesn't get it at all.

That's right. According to Rindfleisch, it's outrageous that Weishan or the press should be making a fuss over the Walker administration charging a county supervisor -- a duly elected public official in the same government -- $2,800 for an open records request. After all, they gave him four whole pages!


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