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Walker Has The Money, But OLB Has The Creativity

Fellow Progressives, we are engaged in a battle that will determine the nature of democracy in the 21st Century.  Not since the Gilded Age over 100 years ago have the very rich few had such control over the entire polulation via a courrupted government.  The Republicans are owned by the Rich and many of the Democrats are leased by them.


We, as progressives, use our passion and creativity to counteract the blatant purchase of our politicans by the very few rich people and multinational coporations.  One exemplary example of this is the Overpass Light Brigade.  Several times each week these progressive volunteers display Anti-Walker and Recall messages from the freeway overpasses in the Southeastern Wisconsin.  Now that the Democrats have a candidate, the Walker propagand machine fueled by out of state billionaires and coporations will begin to bombard the airwaves and mail boxes with lies and distortions, the OLB will be one recuring answer to Walker and will continue to offer a varity of compelling messages that can be read by passing motorists.

Thank You OLB, for a job well done!


May 10, 2012 - 12:48am