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Walker claims recalls are causing job losses -- let's hope it's his job

Scott Walker,thoughout his political career, has consistently refused to ever take responsibility for anything that's gone wrong.  When he was county executive, he blamed it all on the state, and especially the governor.  Well, now he's the governor and guess what?  Nothing's his fault now, either.

Before he caught himself, Walker told host Mike Gousha on his weekend "UpFront" TV show that Wisconsin is bleeding jobs -- ready for this? -- because of the recall he's facing. 

WisPolitics.com reports:

[Walker] said part of the reason the state hasn’t added jobs in recent months is the uncertainty job creators face. Gousha pointed out other states have been adding jobs recently.

“Other states don’t have recalls,” Walker said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty out there.”

Walker immediately walked back the comment, adding the recalls alone weren't responsible for the state’s sluggish economy. He also insisted he wasn’t saying recalls are a factor in business decisions, but said a survey showed it was a factor.

He said no business leaders have told them they have decided against investing in Wisconsin or creating jobs here because of the recalls. But he said some have indicated they are concerned about the timing of jobs announcements because of the current climate. He added he didn’t want to “overinflate” any role the recalls have played in business decisions, saying it was largely attributed to the state’s manufacturing-heavy economy and a lack of demand in foreign markets because of the economic troubles seen in Europe, particularly Greece.

Still not his fault, you see.  If it's not the recallers screwing things up, it's the Greeks.

 But if there's any growth in jobs he'll be right there to take the credit, ala Tommy Thompson, who benefitted from the booming economy under Bill Clinton, but acted like he personally had created every new job in the state.   Pathetiic.  Both of them.


January 30, 2012 - 11:57am