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Walker Admits First Thing He Did After Election was Act 10 War on Workers, Not Jobs

Despite telling the Oshkosh Northwestern editorial board a week before the election that he would achieve concessions from unions via negotiations (and threatening furloughs), Walker told WITI-TV yesterday that he literally started working on Act 10 the day after the 2010 election.

WITI's Mike Lowe asked Walker about Dylan Brogan's report that Walker lied to Congress about the timing and motivation of Act 10 and Walker responded:

"We needed to have every option on the table, I literally went over and testified on the Wednesday morning of November 3rd in front of the count board's finance committee with chairman Holloway, talking about what we were doing with the budget for the county, and in the afternoon, I was already over in the transitional office, in the Risser building starting to work on the budget, putting options like this on the table."

This adds to the growing evidence that not only did Walker lie to the Oshkosh Northwestern editorial board (and others) before the election, it also proves that Walker lied under oath to Congress when he told them that the reason he did not negotiate with unions was because they tried to pass a union contract in the December lame duck session.

Clearly, Walker had no intention to negotiate with unions from at least the day after the election.

This no-negotiation stance has been reaffirmed by the so-called "divide and conquer" video as well statements that then-Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald made immediately after the election where he said that he and Walker were "not necessarily going to do the right thing when it comes to teacher's union" and that it would be part of an effort to "change in a dramatic fashion" Wisconsin government.



May 25, 2012 - 9:14am