Vote, for God's sake

Okay, so most of you who read this blog don't need reminding - but on the other hand clearly lots of people do. So ---

VOTE TOMORROW - and if you've already early voted, good on you.

The big state-wide election on which you can really express an opinion is for Superintendent of Schools. Tony Evers has long been the last firewall against total take-over of our school system  by private interests. His opponent? Not so much.  So you have a clear choice between  supporting public schools and standing back and letting the Betsy DeVos/Trump/Koch unholy alliance take over even more of our school system.  Your choice but please go express your opinion on this, whatever it might be. Let's not see everything go south just because nobody could get up the energy to vote.

On the other hand, you have the state Supreme Court race, where for some inconceivable reason the only candidate is Annette Ziegler.  There is so much wrong with that that I cannot even discuss it- do what you like there.  I'm going to do a write-in.

Most importantly in a lot of places you will have local candidates for school board, town board, and more running for office. The folks in your home town who are in government have perhaps the biggest influence on you of any politicians.  Make sure they're the right people. Go vote.

If you do not know where to vote, who is on the ballot,  or if you are registered head right on over to - where all questions of that type will be answered.