In a politically savvy move, U.S. Representative Paul Ryan came out quickly to say the movement to impeach the president is unjustified, because Obama has not committed any high crimes or misdemeanors-- that pesky requirement for impeachment. 

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson?  Eh... not so much.

When asked by one of the leading impeachment mongers, Newsmax, if there would be any efforts to impeach the president, Johnson said, "No there won't be... let's try something achievable."

Not a peep about the impeachment talk being completely absurd, unjustified or undemocratic-- just that it wasn't something that is reasonably achievable

Johnson then goes on to say that the "something achievable" item he is talking about is his lawsuit against the president, which he assured the host was only "dismissed on a technicality."

While the impeachment movement has largely gone unnoticed by the mainstream media, a recent CNN poll showed that while most Americans are opposed to impeachment, 57% of Republicans support impeaching the president.