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In Midst of Ferguson Rant, Vicki McKenna Gets On-Air-Call-Out For Attacking a Cop in 1997

Dylan Brogan, Madison's most intrepid reporter, happened to catch right wing talk show host Vicki McKenna's afternoon program while flipping through the dials last Friday. 

On this day, McKenna was talking about the turmoil in Ferguson Missouri over a police officer shooting an unarmed teen that was, according to the police officer, attacking the police officer.  McKenna repeatedly suggested that the police officer was in the right, simply defending himself, and the protests were completely unwarranted.   In a previous reporting endeavor, Brogan had obtained a police report that indicated that McKenna was charged during a 1997 U2 concert for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for altercations with police officers, security guards and fellow concert goers.  With this in mind, he was amazed by McKenna's bravado in defending the police officer's use of deadly force with an allegedly combative perpetrator.     So, he called into the show, posing as "George," and brought up the 1997 altercation and asked if lethal force would have been a reasonable response when she "hit that cop."     A clearly angered McKenna responded: "I didn't hit a cop!  ...that never happened... I didn't hit anybody."  McKenna then went on to shout that nothing in the police report says anything about her hitting a police officer and that all the claims over the years that she had hit a police officer were "slander," "defamation" and a "lie" and that she got the disorderly conduct charge simply because she was "mouthing-off" to police officers.    On the next call, McKenna compares the distortion of the "actual events" in Ferguson to the left's distortion of her 1997 disorderly conduct arrest, saying, "that idiot that just called and propagated a lie that's been spread for 18 years-- this is what the Left does."    So what does that police report actually say that McKenna did at that 1997 U2 concert ?  The says that McKenna was removed from the concert when she "scratched" and "fought with" a Per Mar security officer that was trying to separate her from another concert-goer, with whom she was involved in a separate altercation.      Because of her physical altercation with the security officers, a "thrashing" McKenna was turned over to UW campus police and the UW campus police said she "struggled with us the same as she had with Per Mar" when they tried to move her another area of the concert.  In response, the UW campus police had to put restraints on her hands.   Later, the report says the officers tried to eject McKenna from the concert, but she refused to leave and "brought her arm up, struck out with her hand out toward chief Clemens' head.  At the end of her reach, she made a forward swipe with her hand."  Clemens told the officer writing the report that she "made contact with his ear when she swung at him."    For this behavior, McKenna was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.    Yep, sounds like McKenna has a rock-solid slander case to me.


August 25, 2014 - 6:03pm