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Van Wanggaard requests recount

It's probably not particularly surprising that Senator Wanggaard has requested a recount.  What  I am slightly confused about is the fact that the recount petition alleges multiple possible fraudulent voting issues with the election, and that he has been stating that part of the reason to have the recount is the lack of voter ID.  In typical fashion for the GOP  these days, a lot of different issues become conflated and will be solved by a simple fix that they cannot seem to get put into legislation.

So to clarify - a recount will not do anything but re-count the votes.  All of the issues alleged in the recount petition seem to have nothing to do with a recount, and seem to have been put in simply to confuse the issue and raise the spectre of voter fraud. 

Voter ID would have done nothing particularly about most of the issues raised.  All of these things may indeed need to be investigated, but they are irrellevant to the recount and (mostly) to Voter ID.

THe recount is almost certainly going to come up with the same number of votes, give or take a few, and appears to mostly be political grandstanding.


June 15, 2012 - 11:23am