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Van Hollen's boot-licking response to NRA: 'I'm making it as easy as I can'

Wisconsin's attorney general, J.B. Van Hollen, sure knows how to talk tough.  The National Rifle Association criticized his department this week, saying it was drafting rules for concealed carry training that were too strict, required four hours of training and included firing a weapon. (Imagine that!)

Van Hollen's weak-kneed

"I'm surprised the NRA isn't grateful," Van Hollen said. "We're making it as easy as possible."

The rules don't require any hands-on practice as [the NRA's Chris] Cox believes, the attorney general said. 

So, not to worry.  You won't actually have to handle or fire a weapon in order to get a permit to carry one.  (You might be a little surprised at how much noise it makes if you ever pull the trigger.)  Presumably, the four hours of training will include information on which way to point it and which end the bullet comes out.

The NRA also didn't like the fact that instructors would actually have to sign something certifying that people have completed a class, but Van Hollen at least defended that provision. Wisconsin schools repoprtedly will follow suit and require parents to sign excuses for their child's absences, instead of just sending an unsigned typewritten note.

Van Hollen, doing whatever he can to try to get back in the NRA's good graces, also announced that he favors allowing guns in the State Capitol.

He doesn't work there, of course.  As One Wisconsin Now points out, the attorney general's office

Van Hollen took his cue from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who's all for guns in county-owned buildings,

Profiles in courage.


October 7, 2011 - 10:42am