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U.S. Department of Labor: Wisconsin #1 in Jobs Sent Overseas

[img_assist|nid=372045|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=183|height=158]The United States Department of Labor tracks jobs sent over seas through something called the Trade Adjustment Assistance program or TAA.  Because this program involves a lengthy petition process only a fraction of workers that lose their jobs due to outsourcing participate in the program and are therefore counted.  However, it is the only government agency that officially documents jobs that have been sent overseas, so it provides a rough measure of how many jobs a state is losing to outsourcing and how a state compares to other states.

In the most recent data available, TAA has documented Wisconsin lost 2,349 Wisconsin jobs to oursourcing in the year of 2011. In a ranking of states with at least two million people, in proportion to their overall population (=new 2011 TAA partipants): 

1.       Wisconsin (2,349)

2.       Michigan (3,709)

3.       South Carolina (1,623)

4.       North Carolina (2,717)

5.       Arkansas (797)

6.       Ohio (3,048)

7.       Kentucky (1,047)

8.       Iowa (689)

9.       Alabama (889)

10.     Virginia (1,385)

Includuded in Wisconsin's recent TAA-documented jobs sent overseas:

  • Ford Motors / Johnson Control:  Because Ford Motors moved their production of the Ford Ranger to Brazil and Thailand, Johnson Controls plant in Hudson, which made seats for the Ford Ranger plant in St. Paul, MN has been shuttered and hundreds of have moved to Thailand and Brazil.  Johnson Controls also sent their call center in Milwaukee to Manilla.
  • Harley Davidson sent their data center department to India. 
  • Badger Meter (water meter maker in Milwuakee) is sending manufacturing to their Nogoles, Mexico plant.
  • Thermo-Fischer in Madison sent production to China and Thermo-Fischer's Two Rivers plant was shuttered and all 249 workers lost their to a Mexico plant.
  • Hutchinson Technology (a computer components manufacturer in Eau Claire) is sending to Thailand.
  • Koch Brothers' Georgia Pacific is sending their folded paper napkin line to China.
  • Regal Beloit Corporation (they make electrical and mechanical motion control products) have sent more to their Mexico plant. 
  • Wausau Paper's Brokaw Mill shuttered and the jobs were sent to China, resulting in a loss of 450 .
  • Brake Parts Inc. is moving their rotor production in Waupaca to China.


Here's the kicker, though.  The Wisconsin State Journal's owner-- Lee Enterprises-- also owns the , which is the The La Crosse Tribune and several other newspapers in that area.  The TAA has documented that Lee Enterprises' River Valley Group has sent their sent their design department overseas! 

This is the same Lee Enterprises whose papers regularly tout the virtues of free tradeWhy just a few days ago, in fact, the Wisconsin State Journal printed a ridiculously about how great free trade has been for Wisconsin.  (Maybe Lee Enterprises will understand that unfair trade isn't such a great idea when they realize that workers in China don't buy their newspapers and workers here can't afford their newspaper because their job has been sent overseas and they have now have to work a minimum wage job at McDonalds.)

Don't worry, though, help is on the way: Governor "free trade" Walker is going on a to China this April.  Hopefully that won't mean what it always means:  Trading good Wisconsin jobs for Chinese slave labor and huge corporate profits. 

Of course, this is from the same governor who is pushing to and whose top is a gazillionaire that makes his money by importing cheap Chinese goods and selling it to Americans via a mail order business-- ensuring the least number of American jobs necessary in getting a product into the consumers' hands-- so, don't hold your breath, Wisconsin.


February 28, 2013 - 11:34am