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UPDATED: Ambitious tabloid delivery project in Olsen recall needs volunteers, donations

UPDATE FROM BUZZ: Thanks for the help! The WIRecall.net group had 11 volunteers doing the newspaper drop in Baraboo Friday. and we nearly finished that area. SATURDAY we will again meet at the Baraboo Public Library at 10:30 AM in the downstairs childrens' area for briefing and distribution of maps. Part of the group will do clean up in Baraboo and the rest will then go to Lake Delton/WI Dells to start that area.    You can't say Buzz Davis isn't ambitious.    To aid the recall of State Sen. Luther Olsen and replace him with Fred Clark, Davis, a progressive activist from Stoughton, has had 36,000 four-page tabloid newspapers printed, filled with information about the candidates and the issues, advancing the money himself and hoping to get it paid for by donations.  It's a true independent effort, not a front group.   He's organizing door-to-door lit drops in the district.  He needs help.  Here's his latest report:   We are working 7 days a week to get it delivered to 25,000 plus homes.  We have done all of Portage and about 40% plus of Baraboo, the two largest cities in the district.  We have delivered to about 6,000 homes and will be done with Baraboo Friday or Sat.  Then we will move on to Lake Delton/WI Dells.     #ff0000; FONT-SIZE: medium">Fr: Buzz Davis, WIRecall.net, 608-239-5354 cell #, 1021 Riverview Dr. Stoughton, WI 535389   #000000; FONT-SIZE: x-small">#000000; FONT-SIZE: small">#000000; FONT-SIZE: x-small">#000000; FONT-SIZE: small">Thanks to all the volunteers for their progressive values into action to help the voters of Senate District 14:   A. To understand what is going on in WI regarding the destruction of our families and our communities,   B. To understand why Walker and his rubber stamp Republican legislature are doing this to us   C. To understand the importance of the recall elections,   D. To vote on Tues., Aug. 9th and   E. To vote for Democrat Fred Clark.   In all the TV they will see, all the radio they will hear, all the blah blah or lying lit pieces they will receive and all the telephone calls they will get, NOTHING will help them understand what is going on and why they need to take action to protect their families and communities like this little newspaper.   So we urge you to help in two ways:   A. Help us walk door to door and deliver the newspaper. You do not have to talk to anyone. Just walk and put a paper on the door (and drink plenty of the water we supply). Or if you lack mobility, you can hand out the paper at an event in the city we are working in or in the downtown area.   B. You can donate a few dollars to help the $4,000 cost of the project. We started with $1,000 from WIRecall.net and we have raised $2,000 and we need $1,000 more.   ACTION: If you donate, send a check (WI Recall.net newspaper project) to me at Buzz Davis, 1021 Riverview Dr., Stoughton, WI 53589.   If you want to help, email me back at dbuzzdavis@aol.com or call me at 608-239-5354 cell #. We leave from the Madison area each morning and carpool to whatever city we are working at. At the city we meet at a location, brief everyone, give lit drop assignment maps, packs of newspapers, work until about 1 or 2 each lunch together then some go home, some work until 4:30PM or so and then returning to Madison area.   #ff0000; FONT-SIZE: medium">SAT. 7-30-11 WE WILL MEET AT THE BARABOO PUBLIC LIBRARY AT 10:30am IN THE BACK PARKING LOT. LIB. IS AT 230 4TH AVE. DOWNTOWN.   We are not there very long. So if you intend to meet us, someone has to call me ahead of time and email me also before I leave home at 8:30AM. If no emails and no calls, we will probably miss each other. But anytime during the day after 10:30 AM you can call me and I will tell you where to meet me and set you up to lit drop.   #ff0000; FONT-SIZE: medium">OPTIONS: If you live in or near some city or village (we are not doing rural areas due to distances between homes), then YOU CAN HELP. Call and we will help you get the maps, and the newspapers for that city and help you do it yourselves. It sounds complex but is not.   If you do this, you skip the driving to the city we are doing and spend time walking door to door which is what we need!!!! So try it you will like it.   Thanks very much and we hope to hear from you!!   Buzz Davis  


July 29, 2011 - 12:08pm