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Update on tabloid distribution in Clark-Olsen recall election

  From:  Buzz Davis, WI Recall Task Force PAC, 608-239-5354 cell #   1.  We are going to take a break from delivering the paper door to door and focus on the bulk mail project.  So MONDAY WE WILL NOT BE DOING DOORS!  TUESDAY WE WILL PROBABLY NOT DO DOORS ALSO.  Wed. we may start if we get the bulk mail project done.   2.  We Started & Finished Lake Delton/WI Dells Door to Door Effort Today -- Sunday!!!   3.  Newspaper Bulk Mailing Project -- Need $ & Need Help Tuesday     #ff0000">1.  Break from Paper Distribution Monday, Aug. 1st. NO LIT DROPING!!!   We will focus on organizing the bulk mail effort and raising the money need.  We may also NOT do paper distribution on Tues.  We will do nightly reports.   #ff0000">2. We Started & Finished Lake Delton/WI Dells Door to Door Effort Today/Sunday   We had 16 volunteers working today/Sunday in blazing heat - 94 degrees plus!  WE HAVE NOW FINISHED PORTAGE, BARABOO AND LAKE DELTON/WI DELLS.   This is a total population of more than 28,000 people.  We gave at least half the homes and apartments a paper.  I estimate, (we have not been able to keep an accurate count), we have left the papers at 12,000 or more doors.   The printers gave us more than 36,000 copies of the newspaper so we have about 24,000 or more copies left in three locations.   Saturday in Baraboo we had 4 volunteers, and Friday we had 11 people help.  From last Saturday thru Thursday we have 3 or 4 people a day at least.  WE THANK ALL THE VOLUNTEERS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK.   #ff0000">3.  Bulk Mailing of Newspaper Project  Need $ & Volunteers Tues. to Do Labeling   Projection:  We are NOT going to be able to finish distributing the newspaper door to door to all the homes in the rest of the cities and villages of the 14th Senate District.  We have done 12,000 or more doors and we estimate there are about 26,000 doors in all the cities and villages in the district.  We are skipping rural areas for the hand deliveries.   Therefore we will try to bulk mail as many of the newspaper as we have money for and then continue doing the door to door after we finish the bulk mail project.   Facts:  It costs about 19 cents a piece to bulk mail a newspaper.  To bulk mail 20,000 papers plus the handling plus the labels would cost about $5,000.  To do 10,000 might cost nearly $3,000.  We need to have all the copies and addresses to the mailing house Not Later Than Thursday, Aug. 4th to get them in the mail that day and delivered by Monday, Aug. 8th.  Naturally it would be better to get this done earlier.  The post office handles all political bulk mail very fast.  Each paper must have a 4X2 inch white label placed on it.    Again, if we raise about $3,000 we would be able to bulk mail about 10,000 papers.  If we raise $5,000 we could send 20,000.   POLL - CLARK STILL LEADS.  Clark is now leading, according to one poll, by 49% Clark, 47% Olsen and 4% undecided.  This is an improvement from the last poll.  Considering the margin of error this means they are running neck and neck.   We do not want Clark to lose by 10 or 100 votes or something like that.  The newspaper will help hundreds of voters decide to go to the polls and vote.  And many will vote for Clark.  So we must mail the newspaper to as many people as we can afford ASAP.  Then continue with door to door hand deliveries with the rest of the newspaper we have left over.   #ff0000">QUESTIONS:   #ff0000">1.  Can you donate to this effort?  #000000">We need to know what amounts are being pledged so we can arrange for the bulk mailing to take place and spend the money to get the bulk mail project done. #ff0000">#000000">.  #ff0000">2.  Can you join us Tuesday in a to be determined location to place the labels on the newspapers?   Please make check out for what you can afford to WI Recall Task Force PAC, %Buzz Davis, 1021 Riverview Dr., Stoughton, WI 53589.  Email me back a pledge so we know how much we are raising and can spend.  You may also donate on the website  WisconsinRecall.net.   Thank you very much for all the volunteer help and financial support.   Buzz Davis, WI Recall Task Force PAC, 608-239-5354   Read about poll at:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/07/26/999005/-Wisconsin-Recall:-New-polling-shows-Democratic-lead-in-one-race,-two-moreracestight?via=blog_1


August 1, 2011 - 8:22am