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Union Thugs

This letter from Reince Priebus crossed my desk today.  I find it a little curious for a number of reasons.  Calling OFA "Union Thugs" seems like - to say the least, an act of desperation. I realize that it's a typical Republican tactic to villify anyone with a different point of view, but this just seems to me to be an overreaction based on the fact that the ever-increasingly bizarre legislation being proposed by Republicans has waked up the sleeping giant of progressivism.  And it's frightening to them. So be it.

What I am finding particularly confusing is the implication that assembling, protesting, and speaking out for what you think is right is somehow un-American. Someone hasn't read their history, I guess. Will of the people?  I think that's exactly what we're seeing this week - an expression of the will of the people. Scott Walker should be willing to listen to it. Leave it to the Republicans to turn the will of the people into a fundrasing opportunity.

The Tea Party people are showing up tomorrow - a totally grassroots effort, I'm sure, and no funding by any outside groups. The press releases I've seen announcing the grassroots trips to Madison all seem to be coming from Virginia, which I guess is just a little bit outside of Milwaukee.

Life in Madison has been remarkably peaceful considering how many temporary residents there are. Let's hope that when the counter-protest arrives things willl stay that way.


From: Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman Subject: Obama -- Send Your Union Thugs Back to DC

Dear ---------

There are reports out of Washington, DC that the group Organizing for America -- the remnant of the 2008 Obama Campaign and current arm of the Democrat National Committee -- is playing an active role in organizing the protest currently going on in Madison.

Clearly Obama and his DNC cronies are determined to ignore the will of the Wisconsin people and the clear message they sent to the politicians in Madison last November. The Democrats' "politics as usual" tactics of rewarding their leftist special interest allies at the expense of the taxpayers would be tolerated no more.

Elections have consequences, and the people's decision must be respected -- but it seems that Obama, the DNC and the Wisconsin Democrats just don't care about democracy.

After promising the people of our state they would rein in Wisconsin's out-of-control spending to close the state's $3.6 billion budget hole, Governor Scott Walker and the new Republican Senate majority have set out to do just that.

A bill that would cut $300 million from the state's taxpayer burden by asking teachers to shoulder more of their own retirement and healthcare costs has come before the state Senate, which needs a minimum of 20 members present to hold a vote.

The Democrats' response?

  1. To deny the Senate a quorum -- and a vote -- by refusing to show up for work and actually fleeing the state to an undisclosed location, just as thousands of striking teachers called in "sick" on a school day to protest taking more responsibility for their own lives.
  2. To send operatives from Washington to fill buses with protestors and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing leftist phone banks urging people to call their state legislators, and organizing protests to disrupt the daily life of the Wisconsin people and eventually try to break their will.

But it appears the Democrats would rather throw a temper tantrum and sabotage the democratic process than do the responsible thing, heed the will of the people, and end the redistribution of taxpayers' wealth to their leftist political allies.

Today the fight is in Wisconsin, but soon it will be nationwide.

That's why I'm asking for your help right now. Please send an eCard to the White House telling Obama to butt out of what is purely a Wisconsin matter and to recall his DNC thugs back to Washington. And to make sure Obama and the Democrats know we mean business, I hope you will also so we can stop Barack Obama in 2012 and elect principled, commonsense conservatives at all levels nationwide to put a permanent end to the DNC's leftist thuggery.

Please send a message that President Obama and the liberal left can't ignore today. Governor Walker, our new state Senate majority and the rights of American people today and generations to come depend on it.


Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Remember, the RNC is the only Republican campaign organization allowed by law to support GOP candidates at all levels -- national, state, and local. To support the election of more GOP men and women here in Wisconsin and across America who will put a stop to the cycle of Big Labor campaign money buying extravagant, public-funded favors from Democrat politicians, please to the Republican National Committee today. Thank you.


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February 19, 2011 - 12:29am