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Tough new TV spot: Ryan protecting Big Oil, lining his own pockets

The League of Conservation Voters has launched a tough new television ad in Rep. Paul Ryan's district calling him out for his recently exposed conflict of interest: supporting billions in subsidies for oil companies while he and his family profited from some of the same companies receiving those tax breaks. The television ad will run this week in the Milwaukee media market.

“Congressman Ryan pretends he’s a Boy Scout, but he appears to be using his position in Congress to increase his own personal wealth,” said Navin Nayak, LCV Senior Vice President of Campaigns. “Congressman Ryan should stop asking Wisconsin taxpayers to continue funding massive government handouts to the most profitable oil companies, especially when his family stands to benefit from some of those same companies’ earnings.”

At a recent town hall meeting Rep. Ryan claimed to support ending subsidies for oil companies, yet one week later he voted to continue billions in these taxpayer handouts. A recent Newsweek investigation also revealed that Rep. Ryan, his wife and father-in-law have made hundreds of thousands off the oil companies whose tax breaks he continues to support. He has also proposed a 2012 budget that gives oil companies billions more in special tax breaks.

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June 28, 2011 - 8:48pm