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Too late, Clarke denies reality

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke tries to explain away the report of a two-hour meeting where he repeatedly cursed and verbally abused a deputy for his union activity:

"Keep in mind that the person making the accusation is a political opponent who wants me out," Clarke said. "He is working against me while fighting the positive changes I have made along the way, and he has endorsed my opponent in the upcoming election."

Clarke would be much more believable if he and a toadie who was in the room during the meeting had not refused to comment when Dan Bice asked them before he wrote the column.

Here's Clarke's lame damage control.

Do you think one reason the deputies union opposes Clarke is that he treats them like dirt, as in this case? Or are they just "politically motivated?"

Clarke still refused to discuss any specifics about what he said in the meeting, by the way.


August 11, 2010 - 9:50am