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Tommy Thompson wins 'most thin-skinned' award; Help! Help! I'm under attack!

Tommy the T has been away too long. Lost his edge. Forgot what campaigns are like. Has turned into a sissy boy.

Call it whatever you want, Thompson's campaign went nutso over a single email from one of his GOP Senate primary opponents, calling Tommy a taxer.

Before you could say "stick it to 'em," the Thompson campaign had to negative attacks.

In days of old, when Tommy was bold, he waged scorch earth campaigns against any Dem foolhardy enough to challenge him for governor. Who can forget those vicious ads attacking "Charles" Chvala (they wouldn't even call him Chuck) late in the 1994 race when Tommy was already ahead 2 to 1.

In case you are not on the Hovde email list, here's the mild love tap that made the Thompson people apoplectic:


At a U.S. Senate candidate forum earlier this week, Governor Tommy Thompson was asked about government spending.
His response?


Believe it or not, Governor Thompson said:Believe it or not, Governor Thompson said:

“I advocate that we start drilling in America…put a fee on the drilling…”

Because I’m not a career politician and I will call things as I see them, I called out Governor Thompson for wanting to raise taxes because the government already gets enough of our hard-earned money.
Just minutes later in a classic example of political double speak from a Washington insider, Governor Thompson claimed he had never advocated for a fee on drilling but instead wanted a permitting process.

Given that as governor, Tommy Thompson raised taxes and fees by $400 million and grew state spending by 118 percent, this should come as no surprise.

And this is exactly why we cannot afford to send another career politician to Washington.

The problems we face are too great to elect folks who will say and do anything to get elected—just to turn around and change their minds once they’re in office.

We need a leader accountable to you and not the Washington insiders, and you can show that you’re tired of politics as usual by contributing today.

With a donation of $5, $10, $25 or $50, we can send a message that we’re fed up with career politicians like Governor Tommy Thompson and Congressman Mark Neumann by sending a private sector, citizen legislator to our nation’s capital.

Please, donate today so that we can right America’s financial ship and provide a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Eric Hovde

P.S. You can read about Governor Thompson’s textbook political flip flop by . If you agree that we simply cannot afford any more of this nonsense, please contribute today

Tommy should thank his lucky stars he's not being bludgeoned by Scott Walker. He wouldn't last five minutes in Tom Barrrett's shoes.

(That's Tommy the Taxer, by the way, being heckled at a Tea Party rally in the photo)



May 8, 2012 - 7:30pm