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Tommy for Romney, but nobody cares

Tommy Thompson, onetime presidential candidate himself, now running for the Republican nomination for US Senate, in an interview with the Waukesha Freeman:

    FREEMAN: You haven’t endorsed yet in this presidential race?


    FREEMAN: Do you intend to?

    THOMPSON: Nobody’s asked me to.

Is it because Tommy himself is suspect as a less-than-100% conservative, and his endorsement might cause problems for the receipent?  Or has he just become irrelevant?  The interview continues:

    FREEMAN: Do you have a preference?

    THOMPSON: I think that Romney’s the strongest candidate to win the State of Wisconsin.

    FREEMAN: And to beat Obama nationally?

    THOMPSON: Yes.

So there you have it, Mitt.  Use it if you dare.


January 28, 2012 - 8:20am