With Today's Nods, Feingold Becomes The ONLY Statewide Candidate to Receive Endorsements from ALL of WI's Largest Papers! | WisCommunity

With Today's Nods, Feingold Becomes The ONLY Statewide Candidate to Receive Endorsements from ALL of WI's Largest Papers!

With the Wisconsin State Journal's and Appleton Post-Crescent's endorsements this morning, Russ Feingold acheived the impossible:  He received the endorsements from all of the state's largest newspapers-- no small feat considering that half of the state's largest newspapers are somewhat conservative.

Here's a rundown, in order of paper size:

They have a senator who possesses a deeper knowledge of the issues, is unafraid on principle to buck his party or a president of any party, has proven he can reach across the aisle, is a harsh foe of legislative pork and excessive spending and has earned the disdain of Washington’s deal-maker, corporate lobbyists.

Feingold, a Democrat from Middleton with roots in Janesville, is a budget hawk in the Senate. He often teams with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to call out his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for blatantly wasting money, borrowing huge sums to avoid tough decisions and cozying up to lobbyists.

Feingold has a solid jobs plan and detailed, specific proposals for controlling spending and reducing the federal deficit. He is a leading proponent of the pay-as-you-go principle that says government should not cut taxes or add entitlement spending without paying for it elsewhere, and he has joined with Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, in an effort to reduce pork-barrel spending in Washington.

Whatever you think of Washington, you can be certain of two things:  Russ Feingold is much more part of the solution than the problem.  And let us say this crystal clear because we cannot say it strongly enough:  Ron Johnson is in no the answer.

 Feingold also is by far the more candid, more thoughtful candidate. Agree or disagree with his votes, he takes his responsibility to represent Wisconsin seriously, gives each issue full consideration and is willing to explain to the public straightforwardly why he takes the positions he does. It's striking that throughout this campaign, despite the political environment, Feingold hasn't run away from or obfuscated on a single vote he's taken.

For the good of Wisconsin, Russ Feingold deserves to continue his service in the U.S. Senate.    The three-term Democrat from Middleton continues to lead with his principles and work in a collaborative, bipartisan fashion to strengthen our nation and its role in today’s complex world.  He grasps the complexities, especially abroad, and he continues to show a great deal of courage in tackling difficult issues in a thoughtful, forward-thinking manner with members of both parties.


The most surprising endorsements was definetly the uber-conservative Green Bay Press Gazette, but its noteworthy that all of these newspapers, except the Appleton Post-Crescent endorsed Republican Scott Walker for Governor.  



October 31, 2010 - 10:37am