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Time for the New Pentagon Papers

This week the federal government released the Pentagon Papers full and complete set about the history of our sad involvement in the Vietnam War. Apparently the documents published by the New York Times did not include everything about the way our so-called leaders including Ike, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon began and continued a long involvement that cost millions of lives and billions of dollars. So many years after the war, all the documents are out. There were no more excuses for keeping the secrets.

But what about the Iraq and Afghanistan Pentagon Papers? What lies were used to bamboozle the American people and Congress into accepting the need to invade these two countries? We're already being prepared for an occupation without end. The outgoing Secretary of Defense Gates (heldover from the Bush administration) said that he antricipatesthe possibility our allies in Iraq asking us to remain there after our Status of Forces Agreement expires in a few months. These are the guys who were so busy trying to figure out how to divide up the spoils that they could not form a government for half a year after their elections. Iraq is the rathole down which at least $6 billion was lost through waste fraud and abuse. And when the media is not preoccupied with weiners, there are investigations into the wasteful projectrs that have been created in Afghanistan. And if that wasn't bad enough, we somehow became involved in Libya because NATO thought it was a good idea.

Imagine the needs people in Wisconsin have that could have been met by some of this wasteful military spending. Bus subsidies, schools, asssting veterans, and extending medical care to the poor, for starters.

Instead the wars continue and the rich demand more tax breaks because they own the legislature. And because they can. Wisconsin and the rest of the country are on the back burner. But now we have the truth about Vietnam. This is some BS,

There are any number of reasons to leave these two occupations that should have never begun. I voted for change but instead I feel betrayed as we back away from any semblance  of withdrawal. Our so-called leaders keep trying to find ways of wiggling out of the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq to extend our stay because their government supposedly needs us. And I saw an article on Common Dreams.org saying there are some negotiations with the corrupt government in Afghanistan to remain there beyond the mythical 2014 deadline.

We the American people need our government. We’ve got hurricanes, floods, brain injuries, foreclosure, unemployment and more that our government is neglecting because of the need to find more countries to occupy. Damn the costs, we can just cut children’s health of Medicare.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.


June 14, 2011 - 8:33pm