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Tim Russell Granted Work Release to Work for Scott Walker Campaign Donor

Meet Larry Konz. 

He's the CEO of Konz Wood Products and a member of the 0.25% --people who contribute over $100 to Republican candidates.  Over the last couple of years, have been Senator Ron Johnson, to whom he gave $1,000, and Scott Walker, to whom he gave $225.

He's also recently been charged with the responsability of keeping an eye on Scott Walker's former top lieutenant, Tim Russell, who was recently granted a work release to spend most of his waking hours at Konz's company.    

Russell's last pay stub from Konz Wood Products shows that he worked a 40 hour week, plus five hours of overtime.  Considering that Konz allows employees a half hour for lunch and is located about a half hour from Russell's minimum security facility on the shores of Lake Winnebago, that means Russell spends from approximately 6:30 AM to 5 PM of his week days in service to Konz.

This is not the first of Walker's former aides involved in the John Doe scandal to land jobs with a Walker campaign contributor.  Kelly Rindfleish, who was convicted of stealing tax payer resources for use on Scott Walker's campaign, landed a job with Michael Eisenga. Others, including Cynthia Archer, Brett Davis, Cullen Werwie, Keith Gilkes and Tom Nardelli landed jobs working for the State of Wisconsin.

Not a single former aide has testified against Walker or implicated him in the John Doe scandal.  Russell, however, that he thought he had "authorization" for the activities that landed him in prison, which suggests culpability on Walker's part since he was Russell's direct supervisor on both the campaign and the veterans fund, Operation Freedom.

Walker has, of course, been under fire in recent weeks for refusing to answer whether he knew about the secret (and illegal) router system in his Milwaukee County Executive, which Tim Russell set up and which allowed Milwaukee County government employeess to illegally spend their time on campaign work by using private email addresses, private laptops and a private router that could evade detection of illegal activity.  

Walker has previously denied knowledge of the illegal router system, however a 2010 email from Walker to Russell implicates Walker.  In the email, Walker told Russell, who was not working in the Milwaukee County Executive's office at the time to cut it out, saying, "no laptops, no emails, no websites, no time away during the workday."  In addition, a recent release of 27,000 emails shows that Walker actively used the illegal router system, regularly communicating with government workers on their private email accounts during the workday. 




February 28, 2014 - 11:59am