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Tim Cullen: 'Why not me?'

Well, it took only a week for Tim Cullen to convince himself he's the best candidate for governor. Last week, he said he was thinking about it. Today he told WisPolitics he will run in the recall.

Somehow, I don't think that will clear the field, but maybe he thinks announcing first scare everyone out because the Dems really don't want a primary.

This is clearly all about Cullen and not about who has the best chance of winning. Maybe it will encourage others to step up instead of waiting to be annointed by the Dems. Who knows?

From WisPolitics.com report to subscribers:

Cullen earlier told WisPolitics.com he was considering a bid. But he said he’s now committed to running, regardless of what other Dems may join the race.
“I watch the other potential candidates who might run and might not run and finally came to the firm conclusion, ‘Why not me?’” said the former insurance exec, ex-Senate majority leader and former state health secretary. “I think I offer a really, really reasonable alternative to Gov. Walker if there’s going to be a recall election.”


December 8, 2011 - 6:07pm