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Terry Moulton's Record of Shame

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I'm sure there are a good number of people in Wisconsin's 23rd Senate District, who've been earnestly working on gathering signatures for the REKAWLs, that run into people who will sign a petition to REKAWL Scott Walker but hesitate or refuse to sign a petition to REKAWL Senator Terry Moulton. I've heard people say that their fight is with the Governor and Moulton was just doing what his party bosses were telling him. I'm not sure I understand that logic. I wonder how often the GOP leadership is taking into consideration how we are represented in the Senate. Setting the "just following party bosses" discussion aside, let's look at Terry Moulton's voting record to determine if he represents you. This is the only true way one can evaluate a politician. A politician's vote (or abstentions) represents 100% of their effectiveness in representing their constituents.   

We all know how Terry Moulton voted in regards to "The Bomb" that Scatt REKAWL Walker dropped in his budget repair bill. One could surmise this simply from the fact that he's on the United Wisconsin REKAWL list. To get a better picture of how Terry Moulton has voted on key legislation, both in this term and his previous term in the Assembly (2004-2006), you simply have to go to the website titled . For Terry Moulton's record you can go directly to this link. " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Terry Moulton Key Vote Record. So if you are looking for information in order to convince people to sign a petition to REKAWL Moulton, review Project Vote Smart's listing. I'm sure you'll find key votes that you can talk convincingly about regarding Terry Moulton's record. 

And don't forget about . The lie that Moulton last winter when he was trying to justify his voter suppression support by voting for our outrageous Voter ID bill. Terry knows that the more people that vote in his district the less chance he has to win.

So we are now at a very important stage in our REKAWL efforts. It appears that we will be able to get ample signatures to bring REKAWL Walker up for another vote. Will we also be able to bring Moulton back? For the people of Wisconsin, especially those of the 23rd Senate District, let's hope so. -saw-


December 15, 2011 - 11:45am