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Terry Moulton's debate challenge

Terry Moulton seems to be trying to make a Kristen Dexter to debates in the 23rd senate district.  I have to admit that as always, I am disgusted and amused.  Moulton seems to want to have debates only if they don't involve an audience or unfettered attendance of his constituents.  He is willing to have a member-only meet and greet at the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce.  He's willing to discuss the office on Public Radio's The West Side radio show.  But he is apparently unwiling to commit to an actual public forum where he will debate the issues in front of his constituents, or (heaven forfend) let his constituents ask questions.There are plenty of questions to ask.

This is strictly in keeping with the way he has acted as a legislator, where all opinions and discussions have been welcomed, as long as they agree with his GOP mindset. Various proposals have been made for an actual public forum - and Moulton seems not to be able to commit to any of them, while continuing to imply that it is Dexter who is unwilling to debate.  . I suggest Moulton could use some convincing on this. I personally would be willing to pay to see this happen (and since money seems to be the major influencer where state Republicans are concerned, perhaps if we let Moulton have a cut of the gate, he'd agree). It would help if Senator Moulton's constituents would suggest that he risk debating in public with Kristen Dexter. If I were in his district I would be on the phone right now.


May 12, 2012 - 6:52pm