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Tempest in a 50-state teapot

For months now in Wisconsin we've heard some continual memes that will not die. I want to look at one simple example, not because it's the worst example, but because it's about a friend. Indulge me.

A lot of you know Capper over at Cognitive Dissidence. We're not close friends, but in the Cheddarsphere we're all brothers and sisters, even when we disagree. We all know that the others want the best for our state and the nation. Capper's been under attack, and I'm taking it personally.

The right-wing story on this is that Capper is one of those lazy public employee union thugs who is wasting our tax dollars. He's been sitting at his desk at work, writing his thuggy, anti-American drivel while the taxpayers have been footing the bill. He's just one more leech on society, just like all the others. 

As always with these stories, it's succinct, it riles people up, and it sounds like it's a great gotcha story.  Fact of the matter is, he wasn't writing at work. What he actually did was to look at some of the "wrong" web sites on his work computer. Probably this site was one of  them.  I know I read his almost every day, and we all do that. Should he have done this at work?  Probably not.  It was probably bad judgment, particularly in the current political climate in Wisconsin. I'm not going to defend Capper here because he's capable of defending himself.  What I want to do is to defend all of the people in the state and the country who are being villified and attacked. The Union Slobs who do those overpaid lazy jobs like teaching our kids, plowing our roads, and running our country.


June 18, 2011 - 12:47pm